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crushed ice is love
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Body Modifications are Painful Love

Never apologize - Never explain

bacon is love
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anberlin, applying makeup on guys, art, atreyu, awesome hair, bacon, barfing, baths, beauty, being alone, being held, biting, black roses, blood, bondage, candles, chasing victory, chocolate covered cherries, chocolate ice cream, cinderella, clouds, colorful things, converse, cool words, crushed ice, cutting, darkness, dreams, drinking, driving with justin, earrings, edgar allen poe, edward scissor hands, falling, family guy, fingers, fire, fishnet, flesh, flowers, forests, funky bracelets, gay pride, giggling, guitars, gum, guys with long hair, hands, head banging, hiding, irish creme, keeping secrets, kill e.t, laughing, leprachauns, licking, lip rings, listening to music, long fingers, long talks, long walks, lust, mary janes, mashed potatoes, morbid things, mountain dew, naughty school girls, needles, nightmere before christmas, nighttime, painting, peircing myself, peircings, piano, pigging out with nellie, pigs, plaid skirts, poerty, polka dots, poppies, pottery, puppy breath, rainbow pride, random outbursts, reading, secrets, sewing my skin, sex talks, sexual tension, sharp teeth, shiny things, shopping, singing in the rain, skating, skinny dipping, sleeping beauty, snakes, snorting, spooning, stars, steak, stripes, suprises, t.a.t.u, talking, the beach, the sea, the smell of gasoline, training guys, unexpected things, vacant stares, vampires, veins, vincent van gough, watching rivers, waterfalls, waves, weezer, whispering in the dark, white oleander, wind, wondering, wrapping paper, writing