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3/30/07 11:06 am

i have so much on my mind. im lonely im depressed, i feel like i repeat each day ...its the same thing every day i hate it. im constantly by myself at my apartment..i do love the freedom but i miss going out all the time with my friends which have all left out of state to go to college or moving on..im sad. Nothing i do at work is ever good enough...my job sucks. im so sick of dealing with people that have attitudes all day. that are not thankful for that little extra effort that i put into them eventho i could just leave their case for the atorneys..i try for them. not grateful. so i go home to my lonely apartment and feel crappy everyday..im becoming cold. not like aubrey...aubrey was alwayz fun and energetic and so positive...im losing myself. i just need to do something..go somewhere...talk to someone. idk..
sorry im complaining.


8/15/06 08:52 am - do do do

i stole this from my tweedle sister lol
its just peachy lol

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6/29/06 03:06 pm

random pics from over the last few days.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

3/24/06 11:34 am

went with my mom to take alice to the vet..they gave her 3 shots she was so good and dint even meow..i was crying tho..lol that is my baby.!! anywayz..then we went and ate together and got our nailz did. i swear chinese ppl need to learn english if they are going to live in america..come on now. umm from now on my journal is going to be friends only so add me now if ya wanna keep reading. then i went downtown..i bought a foreigner record and a van halen sticker. i saw this guy i knew from deland high so we hung out...yup yup..james thumb is re-attached and he is on good meds..haha he is enjoying that. ttyl


3/23/06 09:32 am - I said lord take me downtown

i was at work today and i got a call from james who i thought was at work but...he called to inform em that he was at the hospital..he was at work and using a big knife and chopped his thumb off....im liek OMFG...he was all calm but yeah...they sewed it back on..its groovy gravy but still man..ugh
in lighter news...i got my paycheck today aubrey is a happy camper!! 180 dollars all for me to shop with. mwuahahaha...yeah. cough...anywayz..im hitting up my vet with alice tomarrow then i am going to get my nailz did then ill be seein ya at the mall hopefully...u kno u who peeps are..
sorry im hyper... lol..plus i have money DUH!!


3/22/06 10:58 am

im soo stupid.

3/22/06 01:36 am

presenting the new james..:

Image hosting by Photobucket

ha..i played dress up with james. yay he bought etnies and a shirt and jeans from american eagle and aerepostle,,(sp) yup..i was gunna buy shoes but then i got there and im like ,....ahhh jewlery ..i bought so much stuff its great lol. we went to olive garden for lily's b-day ..then back home ..she loved her earrings so im glad. i have to work very long tomarrow but im taking my mom's lap top so ill be on since i have the office to myself. mwuahahaha...smart idea? ....uhh NO. lol
ta ta


3/20/06 07:23 am

well today was my first full day of work..got up at 8 and worked until 5. i enjoyed it..it kept me busy and got my mind off things. plus i got my paycheck and will be going to the mall tomarrow..awesome. yup. anywayz..yeah after work my mom and i went shopping...she said she needed shopping therepy cuz she was depressed...i got a new bathing suit with matching shorts and flip flops..a dress for my uncle's wedding in new york..a shirt and shorts..socks that say left foot right foot cuz im kinda dislexic lol. wait...no no im not going to go there lol. then i got some earrings. blah, lily's b-day is tomarrow so i bought her a bunch of earrings and a shirt. yay. its nice to have money..hmm..tomarrow im going with james to get new shoes...i think ill get converse...but i dunno. he is getting DC's i think..haha that is weird. but only cuz im forcing him to buy nice shoes otherwise he'd walk around in those work shoes ugh...lol im jk it doesnt matter to me. last night me, steph, james, kevin, ryan, and brian went to the movies..failure to launch..it sucked but we had fun. then me steph and james went to gators and ate. and played games. on the way there james asked me if he could go fast so i said ok..we hit 95 and then out of no where james was like "hey lets pull over on this dirt road and see where it goes." so i had no idea ...finally we idled enough to where he could stop the car and he told me.what really happened......THE BREAKS HAD GONE OUT!!!!! he didnt tell me before cuz he didnt want to scare me...oh man. lol lucky he knew how to handle it. gr..u guys are lucky that u can enjoy your spring break..i have to work except for tomarrow and friday..friday i took off cuz im going to the beach. mwuaha..another sunburn is in store for me ya kno? me and my mom are going soon to the tatoo shop so she can get one and i can get my conch peirced. woot. ok well this is very long thank you if you took the time to read about my boring life..hence my name..(boringnerdis) lol
ta ta


3/17/06 09:54 am


*does a little jig*

3/16/06 08:46 am

well hello everyone..
im so glad it is spring break woot. im working mainly..but that is good ..im putting like 20 dollars away from my check every friday to save for a certain something..the rest im gunna spend. lol..or just have money to go places. yup. anywayz..had that movie thing today.i personally was disapointed in tim burton for that one man. it wasnt as good as i thought but oh well. hopefully he'll make up for it when he does charlottes web. if anyone wants to hang out on this break holla at me! lol,..

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